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How to convert a Coreblog into the archive of a mailing-list

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/03/30 11:31

Use the moblog feature of Coreblog to archive a mailing-list. I used Mailman for the following example, and tested it at Zettai Zope hosting. 1. Subscribe the moblog email address to a given Mailman mailing list

  1. at the msg_header variable of the non-digest options of Mailman write the moblog-password and another line as: password_word category_word
  2. Add that password_word to the "Password for adding entry" moblog feature of your coreblog settings.
  3. Leave the "Sender address for moblog" empty (in case it´s an open mailing-list, but if it´s a bulletin or newsletter-like list with an unique sender all the time, put that sender's address at this setting of your coreblog).

Related problems:

  • the category_word is necessary, if not, the moblog entry will ignore the line next to the password_word
  • subscribers of the list will always see their messages beginning with the password_word and the category_word
  • if a subscriber sends a message with the password_word to the moblog address, it will appear at the coreblog. Solution: always hide the moblog address, don't make it public or easy to guess.
  • maybe some Mailman subscribers will have problems receiving the posts, as the content of the messages after the password_word and the category_word may appear to some wrapped in an attachment, and if they have some email client that blocks attachments, then... (don't know much about this problem, I just suspect that it may happen).

So, I can now convert a Coreblog into the archive of a Mailman mailing-list. But why should one want to do such a thing?

Well, email and mailing-list usage is a subject of very personal preferences :-)

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