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DURL: who bookmarks what

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/12/22 11:56

Robin, a bilingual blogger, has invented DURL. You enter a url to retrieve information about people who delicious'ed it. For instance, and the result page has its own RSS, so you can track who bookmarks what at

Excellent idea!

One addition that I think could expand the capabilities of DURL or of the URL features of would be this: URL listings and RSS feeds by partial URLs.

I mean: Now DURL or offer information about a precise URL:

But I would like an extended feature like:

or /durl_extended/

That would list delicious'ed references to all URL's include that include that domain, for instance if anyone referenced to this or to this one

Such a tool would certainly enhance the ego of bloggers like me, that would immediatly subscribe to a feed from /durl_extended/ to see who bookmarks which entry (and every entry) of my blog...

Of course, durl_extended should not substitute the actual DURL: it would be a different RSS feed the one provided by:

(bookmarks referring to that URL alone)

and the one by:

(bookmarks referring to all subdirectories or else)
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