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Messages from the past in Coreblog

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/12/11 09:56

It's a nice feature in Coreblog that one you add an entry through the ZMI, you can change the date of the entry, putting your own "Entry date&time" in the field for it.

That way, you may post a message scheduled for next sunday, and it will be on the front page that day, not before. You may also rescue all writings from the past, and build an online archive of yours with the Coreblog.

However, there's a problem:

  • Once an entry is added, no way to change its date format. Suppose you made a mistake with "Entry date&time": you can't edit that thereafter. Another time you need to do that is that, for some reason, a message you wrote one month ago becomes pertinent again, and you want it to be again at the frontpage with and updated date. No way.

You may change the text, title, edit comments, encodings, but nothing with the date. Only way is re-copying the content, deleting the entry, and add a new entry.

So, my question is, perhaps someone knows a trick at edit dates?

Year-by-year archive

On the other hand, I discovered a curious thing with past messages:

  1. You have entries of 2004 at your blog, the months that you have posts appear at the Archives section at the sidebar.
  2. But now you add past messages from may 2002 and october 2002: those months will not show.
  3. Another try: now you add a past message with date for june 2003: now the bug's corrected, not only June 2003, but October 2002 and May 2002 will appear also.

So, year-by-year continuity seems to be needed so the Archives section may work. If there's a discontinuity (one year with no posts), entries of the previous years will not appear at the Archive monthlist.

gt dio:
2007/01/19 04:54

This seems to have to do with the line:

 "month_archive_items(count=module_item_count)" mapping

in the archives module.  I set mine to a large number (96) and then coreblog/zope seem to skip back over empty months and find the old entries.

I think :-)  not sure ... bonne chance!

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