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Coreblog 1.0, localised and adapted to CSS

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/10/27 06:55

We have localised the current version of Coreblog, 1.0, in Spanish and Basque. And also let it localisable in other languages.

Zexp files downloadable and installation instructions here

See the running demos:

- Basque

Well, the demos are properly Coreblog 0.7, but at the interface level few differences from one to the other.

To run these localised versions of Coreblog, and to localize your own version in another language, you need:

  • Localizer (tested with version 1.1.0a4). This product needs also iHotfix and iTools to be installed.

This localisation work only comprises the public web interfaces of Coreblog. Management interfaces based in the ZMI have not been touched.

These Coreblog skins not only are localised, but their layout is adapted to pure CSS, following the CSS-compatible template of Movable Type 2.x. That work was programmed by Jeffrey Hicks. Jeff announced that with a link in May, but that link has disappeared from his blog. However, it's that work which we used as a basis, and it's proper to mention it.

Bugs: problems have been reported by users of non-latin character sets.

But, the product is in full use around us... A full community of Basque blogs has blossomed around Coreblog. The very first Basque community of blogs, was developed using the localised CSS version of ours. Check the variety of blogs:

So, we are really happy with Coreblog and its capabilities

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