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Resurrection of Coreblog-en

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/10/21 16:59

The original Coreblog-en list was created in April 2004 by Klaus Seistrup in Denmark, using a Mailman server based at That server stopped working on Sep 2004, and Klaus was hopeful that the repair would came soon... In the meantime, Coreblog has reached stable status, version 1.0, and there was no non-Japanese list to comment events. After some chat with Klaus, we offered to host a substitute Mailman list, and here it is, now based in the service, courtesy of CodeSyntax

There was also another offer but Klaus was at the still confident with the recovery of

So, finnally, the new address for the list is this:

Feel free to make it public around your coreblog and fellow corebloggers that you may know.

Let's continue working around Coreblog.

Bugs dio:
2005/01/07 10:02

It's crazy but "weofije" is always added on the end of autogenerated "excerpts" in COREBlog entries ... you can even grep through the source and find it. Maybe weofije when in Japanese characters actually means something?

I replaced it with "..." which still kind of breaks things. Basically, don't let COREBlog generate excerpts: cut and paster your own or they will look bad.


should be:

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