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How to display Gmane postings of any newsgroup in any web page

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/09/24 13:32

Gmane , terrific service, linking mailing-lists, Usenet groups, web archives and RSS feeds... Thanks to this last feature added, there's now a way to display Gmane postings of any newsgroup in any web page

  1. Given the Gmane name of any newsgroup, get the RSS address of it. For instance, for the main Gmane.discuss group it is
  2. Now visit . Enter your RSS address into the text field and select your preferred options (only titles, titles + description, number of items to show...)
  3. Click on PREVIEW THE FEED until you get satisfied with the options, and then click on GENERATE JAVASCRIPT
  4. On the next page, you'll find the Javascript you'll need to include the links on your site. Copy that code.
  5. Paste that line of Javascript into the source of your Web page. Save. Load in a browser. There it is.
  6. You can apply styles to re-design the appearence of the links displayed following information at this page

A Basque working example, with it's own explanation, at this page related to newsgroup gmane.culture.language.basque.dantzan

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