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Moblog problems at Zettai

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/03/23 09:09

The moblog feature seems to work, but not when attaching a picture. This blog at is hosted on as for the POP email account, I have tried with a address, also served by Zettai, as well as with another external POP account.

In both cases, messages without attachments go finely into the blog. But not when attaching a picture, this error raises:

Error Type: IndexError Error Value: list index out of range

Another difference. To moblog from the zettai-based email account, I have to select the APOP option in the settings. In the non-zettai email account, it doesn't work with APOP. I had to unselect it.

Luistxo dio:
2004/04/23 19:29

If I moblog via Mailman to a Coreblog, using a Zettai based email account, list archiving goes smoothly as long as I use the default English version of Mailman 2.4.1.

If I change the interface to Basque, it doesn't work. There appears a line break, as one separating an attachment or a signature-related element, between the pre-message lines (which I use for moblog password and category) and the msg body. As a result, only the title is uploaded to the blog.

Luistxo dio:
2004/03/30 12:12

George Donnelly, mantainer of Zettai, made some mailserver maintenance work on Sunday , and now my new trials work.

Attaching a picture to an email sent to a Zettai mail account, and then receiving it through the Coreblog moblog feature, and there it is, finely displayed.

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