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Using collaboratively in a Basque collective weblog

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/09/09 15:22

This is about a section we've named Jamaika at, a Basque collective weblog. Sustatu is a sort-of-Kuro5hin, culture, tech and general interest issues posted and commented by visitors, but in a quite different scale: only 0.6 million people speak Basque.

There it is:

PURPOSE: Posts in Sustatu are like in other collective weblogs as Kuro5hin or Slashdot: they're edited and moderated, and mostly are somehow ellaborate (a summary and then some more or less lengthy paragraphs). We just wanted to add another option (easier, more straightforward) to readers and editors: a link and a comment, just a few words. Another channel for more telegraphic news items from the net: a curiosity, breaking news, an invitiation to visit a given site...

SOLUTION: We solved the issue with It's simple: we invit users to add what they like to with a specific tag: sustaturako (for Sustatu, in Basque, a particular term that probably will not be used by anyone else, if not to let their reference be listed at Sustatu). Then we parse the RSS file of that tag's page at and there it is.

SOFTWARE: is a Zope website and for this thing we added an app based in Mark Pilgrim's Feed Parser written in Python. It's cached and fed every 30 minutes, so the latest additions at appear shortly afterwards at

We announced this feature last week, and added a page with explanations. Few Basques use, as far as we know. So, the how-to page includes quite detailed instructions. We also encourage users to make full use of for their bookmarking and reference work, not just as a way to feed Sustatu.

The name for the feature is Jamaika ikusteko jaio gara, a false quotation by Bob Marley. In English it means, we have been born to see Jamaica which is just nonsense, but in Basque it has 2nd and 3rd meanings, both very funny and fitting to this feature.

mtl3p dio:
2004/12/11 09:56

you got me going.

mtl3p dio:
2004/12/08 01:52

Ideant's commenting system is temporarily broke, so I'm putting my comment here, hope that's okay.

I'm glad that you described me as a friend. It's true. I think that it's very cool that you were the first person (that I can determine) to do this and I wanted you to get whatever credit was attached to that. It took me a lot of googling to find your project.

My comment was meant as "tongue-in-cheek" (which never works in text and probably didn't come across here) but I love that social software, in the form of blogs (and courteous linking) proved how incorrect that comment was.

I would love to know how it works for you -or if you have anymore similar fun/useful ideas. I'll try to come back here and check every once in a while.

cheers, mike

Ulises dio:
2004/12/04 02:04

Interesting. I started doing the same thing a little later that month for my distributed research blog:


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