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i18n and TM at Sun, as commented at a very interesting blog

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/08/22 10:54

Tim Foster, i18n engineer at Sun. Nice blog added to my feed reader.

His explanations about TM are really useful and interesting. Also hints that the tools they use at Sun could be useful for the OpenOffice folks. There are rumours, Tim probably knows better of course, that Solaris would go as free software... Certainly, if Sun's TM system and translation management software is packed and released as free software, that would be a landmark for people working in i18n with free software.

manny dio:
2004/09/10 15:54

yes, very interesting indeed. I was about to post it on the tumaxa mail list, but you seem to have found it first . And I ended up finding your blog, because of your post about delicious . It's a small Internet ... :-)

Anyway , have you ever thought about something similar to tumatxa , but for XLIFF ?



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