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How to convert a Coreblog into the archive of a mailing-list

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/03/30 11:31

Use the moblog feature of Coreblog to archive a mailing-list. I used Mailman for the following example, and tested it at Zettai Zope hosting. 1. Subscribe the moblog email address to a given Mailman mailing list

  1. at the msg_header variable of the non-digest options of Mailman write the moblog-password and another line as: password_word category_word
  2. Add that password_word to the "Password for adding entry" moblog feature of your coreblog settings.
  3. Leave the "Sender address for moblog" empty (in case it´s an open mailing-list, but if it´s a bulletin or newsletter-like list with an unique sender all the time, put that sender's address at this setting of your coreblog).

Related problems:

  • the category_word is necessary, if not, the moblog entry will ignore the line next to the password_word
  • subscribers of the list will always see their messages beginning with the password_word and the category_word
  • if a subscriber sends a message with the password_word to the moblog address, it will appear at the coreblog. Solution: always hide the moblog address, don't make it public or easy to guess.
  • maybe some Mailman subscribers will have problems receiving the posts, as the content of the messages after the password_word and the category_word may appear to some wrapped in an attachment, and if they have some email client that blocks attachments, then... (don't know much about this problem, I just suspect that it may happen).

So, I can now convert a Coreblog into the archive of a Mailman mailing-list. But why should one want to do such a thing?

Well, email and mailing-list usage is a subject of very personal preferences :-)

Corebloggers of the World, unite and take over!

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/03/29 12:45

Some emails exchanged with Klaus-san have led to the creation of Coreblog-en, the English-lanaguage mailing list for Corebloggers.

The list is kindly hosted by NBI and it´s been set-up thanks to a friend of Klaus, Henrik Christian Grove

Already Atsushi Shibata, creator of Coreblog, joined and invited all of us to suggest features and so on.

Thanks to all. I hope it will be a useful resource.

Larry Trask has died

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/03/29 11:37

I've just known that Larry Trask died last Saturday. I know how much he liked to take part in sci.lang and I decided to post this here. Seems he was very ill since time ago, but every time he felt OK he used to write here and there, always with interesting points.

I knew Trask by email from the time of Basque-L, probably the first Basque resource of Internet. He was very much appreciated among Basque internet users. His work, History of Basque, is brilliant.

posted to sci.lang

Last year, The Guardian published "this interview":,12982,984721,00.html

They compared Trask to Pinker and Chomsky there. And they remembered this note from his website

please note: I do not want to hear about the following: Your latest proof that Basque is related to Iberian/Etruscan/Pictish/Sumerian/ Minoan/Tibetan/Isthmus Zapotec/ Martian. Your discovery that Basque is the secret key to understanding the Ogam inscriptions/the Phaistos disc/ the Easter Island carvings/the Egyptian Book of the Dead/the Qabbala/the prophecies of Nostradamus/your PC manual/the movements of the New York Stock Exchange. Your belief that Basque is the ancestral language of all humankind/a remnant of the speech of lost Atlantis/the language of the vanished civilization of Antarctica/ evidence of visitors from Proxima Centauri. I definitely do not want to hear about these scholarly breakthroughs.

It clearly defines his humour, his knowledge and his true love for Basque, my language.

BTW, another Basque linguist died last week, Andolin Eguzkitza, at the age of 50, he was too young... A polyglot, writer and, as Trask, "euskaldunberri": not a native speaker, but an adult learner of our language.

Some notes on Sustatu, a Basque newsblog:

Moblog problems at Zettai

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/03/23 09:09

The moblog feature seems to work, but not when attaching a picture. This blog at is hosted on as for the POP email account, I have tried with a address, also served by Zettai, as well as with another external POP account.

In both cases, messages without attachments go finely into the blog. But not when attaching a picture, this error raises:

Error Type: IndexError Error Value: list index out of range

Another difference. To moblog from the zettai-based email account, I have to select the APOP option in the settings. In the non-zettai email account, it doesn't work with APOP. I had to unselect it.

First trials with Coreblog

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/03/22 17:01

First trials with Coreblog

These are my first trials with Coreblog.

Technical purposes:

  1. to transform this weblog into a multilingual blog using Localizer, that nice Zope product. An approach may be passing the locales as a category, that's way there are 3 categories on this blog: eu (basque), es (spanish) and en (you know). I hope to advance little by little.
  2. produce a localised basque version of Coreblog. Or something like that.

Personal purposes:

  1. publish and collect in a single place things I post for several lists and websites in different languages.
  2. experiment with mailing-list and blogging integration. There's a veteran Basque mailing list that I love, Eibartarrak, and I feel like it needs to evolve towards blogging and XML Feeds and maybe the semantic web of the future... I wish there were more intl' Coreblog users. The mailing list is all-Japanese.

I have detected a couple of non-Japanese corebloggers out there. I mention them in this inaugural English post just to try the trackback tool. Magnetic Ink surfs in Denmark. I hope to use this post of his to try the nortification feature of Coreblog. is also a coreblogger. His method to validate the RSS output of Coreblog may be useful, so I trackback it as well.

So far the XML link with RDF 1.0 is OK for me. It integrates perfectly with Bloglines


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