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Catalonia as a window of opportunity

Luistxo Fernandez 2010/11/06 17:38

I look at Catalonia with envy and hope. The movement for independence is becoming stronger, and although a majority for clear and plain independence might not be the outcome of the next regional elections there, the issue will reach the Parliament at Barcelona, and hopefully create contradictions in Spain. We Basques... we have ETA. So bad. 50 criminal years of bloody stupidity and a worthless run to nowhere. And then a bunch of nationalist political parties with no clue about how to head towards independence despite all-aloud talk about self-government and blah blah blah.

I think that the only hope for Basque independence is, on one hand, partition, forgetting about a 7-province Independent Homeland comprising all the Basque Country (Euskal Herria), north and south of the Spain/France border. And, on the other hand, Catalonia. I strongly believe that independence will not come from some process that follows the rules of law as it is now on the Spanish Constitution. Cause there is no place for that. Independence will come from an accident of history, the break-up of Spain. And that can only happen in Catalonia. If they go away, that's our chance. It will be the only window of opportunity at sight.

I wrote about these thoughts recently in Basque, and then got it translated into Spanish and Catalan. Me, a nobody, got no replies, really. I failed creating a controversy, and that's what I wanted: break the taboo of partition (a forbidden word in Basque nationalistic political speech), and put our eyes on Catalonia, the real hot issue around.

So, after my failure as a polemist, I take solace looking at the new instance of the Umap product (a realtime agregator for Twitter) that we launched (yeah, marketing propaganda, btw :-)), Umap in Catalan. They are alive and kicking, almost every news item they comment is like adeu Espanya, bye bye Spain. So, go, get away, Catalan folks, leave us behind. Just, at the last moment, as you close the gate of scape from Spain, turn your head take a last look back. In the improbable case that Basques are approaching, leave the window open. Just in case. Gràcies.


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