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The Rolling Stones fill stadiums while emptying taxpayers' pockets

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/06/26 06:56

The Rolling Stones were in town (Donostia) last weekend. Tickets ranged from 60 to 105 euros. It's supposed that these megastars fill stadiums, but that was not the case apparently... Just 24 hours before the concert, some public institutions began giving away tickets to everyone. The public radio gave around 2000, and in the very City Hall of Donostia, public officials handed tickets by the dozens in a somehow hidden way.

The concert was heavily subsidized, yet it seems that expectations were not met, and there was something in the contract saying that at least several thousand people should be at the stadium. No voids in sights for the Stones. Therefore, the public institutions decided to trhow more taxpayer money on the hands of these boring old millionaires, with that free ticket fiasco.

An insult to all those that payed the tickets. Fraud and insult for taxpayers in Donostia. How much did this cost to us? No, they won't tell us.

More info in Spanish at this blog.

Historic Maps of Wherecamp 2007

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/06/07 12:11
I had never been to a Barcamp event, so I was gladly surprised with the self-organising principles, networking opportunities and good atmosphere that I found at last week's Wherecamp, which I attended with my Tagzania coleague, Gari Araolaza.

I even dared to give a lightning talk of my own. Unlike the Ignite Talk at Where 2.0, which went quite well, I just couldn't adjust to the available 5 minutes, and it went 1 minute long. Sorry!!!

My talk was Historic Maps. Best viewed at this Flickr set, as the presentation was just a succession of screenshots, showing historic maps of the first ever Wherecamp event of history! Map applications that participants showed and discussed, centered on the spot where the unfoncerence was held, the Yahoo Campus in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley. You can browse over those historic screenshots in Flickr; I've added descriptions and links in the descriptions.

Just to illustrate this post with a couple of mashup maps of the event.

This one at Mapufacture created by Andrew Turner, that aggregates several Wherecamp created geoRss feeds (including one from Tagzania and plotted using Mapstraction's options, in this case, to show in in the 3d visualization of FreeEarth created by Poly9. Wow! FreeEarth can't now show very close details of their 3d model of the Worlds, due to lack of free detailed close imagery, but somehow the Poly9 has ways to overcome that shortage:

  1. getting Mike Liebhold actually build 3D structures,
  2. join the forces of the free market act, and let real estate developers construct things, as they have done with the moon's 3D equivalent of FreeEarth, the Moonplex.
And my own mashup:

I went to the Yahoo Campus at Tagzania, clicked on the Here tab to say I was there at that moment, and a message was sent to Twitter, including the code snippet with L: that would that tweet to appear in the exact spot of Twittervision.

Finnally, another joke, the extension that I made over Kyle Mulka's interesting new application, Cartiki, where plans and images can be uplodaded to make for detailed maps, as the exact spots where Wherecamp sessions were held.

Instead of Geotude's micromapping solution based in square units, Cartiki's approach is using a long long long breadcrumb that may come down to the tinyest detail!

Luistxo works in CodeSyntax, tweets as @Luistxo and tries to manage the automated newssite Niagarank. This Cemetery is part of a distributed multilingual blog (?!). These are the Basque and Spanish versions:

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