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Bernardo Atxaga blogs

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/10/22 12:25
Bernardo Atxaga is the nom-de-guerre of Basque writer Joseba Irazu (Asteasu, 1951). He's the best known Basque writer that we have, the one who has been more widely translated. Now he has a website, in three languages (Spanish, English and Basque), and a weblog as well, that blog only in Basque with no replies. However, the news section has a RSS feed if you want to follow him.

A little work by the company I work for.

Geodata in Twitter's and Jaiku's APIs

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/10/11 17:15
In a travel he made to the Basque Country (he attended a conference) last july, Jyri Engestrom of Jaiku showed interest in meeting the local webscene. Some friends organised that and it was a nice afternoon to talk. I already chronicled that.

(pic by Miguel Garcia, main organizer of that meetup)

Now that Google bought Jaiku, I feel happy for Jyri, his team and family. I hope this is a opportunity to keep pushing this tool. However, just a reminder. Not only Jyri talked at that Basque meetup, but we at the audience also presented some slides. I talked about Geography in microblogging and presence apps. I guess the slide show is always a insuficient way to substitute the talk, but there it is.

However, I would like to raise a point. Comparing Twitter and Jaiku, and how they present location in their systems and APIs, Jaiku gets the upper hand for now. Location is, for the moment, just a string in Twitter, meaning anything. In Jaiku it's more structured, a triple layer of Country / City / Neighborhood is stored, and when combined with the celltagging capabilities of their Nokia mobile client app, that becomes quite useful to determine location of people in your circle:


That's more structured than Twitter's but, please, Jaikuites, make it a little bit more structured:


It would be great to interact with that kind of data thru the API, writing and reading. And, certainly, opening the celltagging data would make us salivate even more ;-)

Microsoft software protects cornfield from birds

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/10/10 17:29
Lately it's usual to find shinning CDs hanging from here and there: they work as scaregrows or to deter birds from crashing into wide transparent windows.

Microsoft arto-saila zaintzen

But in this cornfield in Gaintza, in the Basque Country, the CDs that I found last weekend were particularly interesting: profesional software licensed by Microsoft. Finally, Microsoft's products find a fair and useful application, althought I have doubts if this is legally permitted by the TOS.

This also makes me think about things I've read lately, the momentum of innovation passing from bits to atoms. Well, here we have software being used because of the physical features of its incarnation.

Who will buy OpenStreetMap next?

Luistxo Fernandez 2007/10/02 16:27
After TomTom buying Teleatlas in July, now Nokia buys Navteq. Well, who will buy OpenStreetMap next? They are a hot asset now. I heard that after comment #23 in this BoingBoing post, Miss Teen South Carolina joined them as well to map the US and improve the current state of mental mapping there (image source):

The world needs geography. There's the case of that other TV personality in the US who couldn't tell if the world's flat or not. These two recent gaffes reminded me of another pageant contest in Spain. The Russian ambassador in Spain was part of the jury (hard diplomatic mission, you see) and asked the girl to talk briefly about Russia.

Well, Russia is a country... full of marvelous people... and there's been some political, er, changes, lately, and cannot tell much more.

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