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Basque tagging experience

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/02/10 17:57

Threads and discussion at delicious-discuss, the mailing list, about tagging styles and strategies.

Brian Del Vecchio talks about group tagging, people tagging things through to be read by an audience elsewhere... He mentions a Basque experiment we launched back in september.

Well, this is to comment that the Basque experiment is very much alive, and it's truly been a succesful initiative so far.

That experiment begun in september and it works smoothly. Today someone group-tagged Charles' and Camilla's wedding plans with sustaturako so it appears here at's frontpage (last 3 links on the side menu under Jamaika) and here , the Jamaika page

Explained how it works here

As for tagging styles and strategies (the discussion at the list): Basque users tag things like anyone else, I suppose: some using many tags, others using personal keywords... some post specifically for that experiment,

See with some users even using only for that single purpose: make an annotation at's collective section. Look at

I suspect that this Itzala must be a user with another more public username (logged in Firefox, for instance) and then this alternate username just for the purpose of feeding Sustatu. The username is suspicious, also, meaning the Shadow in Basque...

What Basque users do really do different from most users is take some time typing personal titles and descriptions in Basque. We do take time describing what we find... Most people don't.

There's also been a surge in Basque usage of since this was used in, and a core of highly interconnected Basque users has risen: interconnected, but not necessarily openly. My feed has 31 Bloglines subscribers, but I only know 6 of the public ones...

However, that has resulted in high repetition patterns among Basques. If some Basque has tagged X, you may expect others may probably do so. For instance, this Spanish page... 8 people has bookmarked it. 4 of them have commented it in Basque, and of the others, two are Basques that I know.

So, what does all this mean? Don't know for sure, but rocks, the collective usage of it is a very practical thing, and we only need 3 things: i18n, i18n, and l10n (the latter, leave it to us, make openly translatable and it will be in Basque, guaranteed).

We, in the meantime, keep working. Just launched a Basque newsfeed aggregator last week, , sort of Bloglines, Google News and Planet Planet all in one: a public aggregator and newsreader for 150 or so Basque RSS feeds of the net. We had a doubt: should we add RSS feeds of Basque users?

We finnally decided for a bunch of tag RSS feeds for a specific section Charles and Camila also present there, of course... sustaturako is the single Basque word more tagged...

The bunch of selected Basque tags is: journalism, For Sustatu, pictures, Basque (in English and/or French), blogs, Basque (in Basque) and books.

Stop political trials against Basque independentist movements

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/02/10 17:46

Now the truth, check regularly this site in English

araitz1.jpg araitz2.jpg

These pictures of Araitz Zubimendi handcuffed were taken by Bob Edme for Associated Press on Feb., 4, 2005 and published the following day by newspapers of the Spanish media groups Vocento and Prisa.

Permalinks and multiple feeds at Gmane

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/02/02 17:33

It's nice to see that the blog thing of Gmane advances... I have caught some testimonials over there like this one

Now finnally there is a permalink feature, and there are multiple feeds that point towards the blog interfaces... Here's the look of a permalinked message of mine. The feeds remain experimental so far, but can be found at the directory version of each group as in That's fine, and I find it quite logic. RSS-subscribers are probably more prone to bloglike interfaces than to the other one.

On the other hand I feel that there should be a way to switch between the two single-message interfaces, the classic and the blog-like: 

as well as between the threaded interfaces. Looking at a thread at you change the interface in the pulldown menu, and you dont go to but to

Design competition

On the other hand, the design competition that Lars the Gmanemaster proposed seems to have attracted no designers at all.

I am not a designer. I cannot dare to offer a CSS proposal of my own... Here's my contribution, instead, the Gmane blog buttons: Gmane rocks! Gmane blogs!


Well. Not so difficult to achieve. I just used Luca's brilliant button maker ;-)


Now that RSS's and blogalization have advanced so far, I wish Gmane could return to the i18n steps taken last autumn. The Classic Interface begun beind adapted very nicely. I don't know if Lars' to-do list is very long, but it would be great to see Gmane advance in that direction too.

Deleting trackback spam

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/02/02 08:31

Our coreblogs at also hit by the great trackback spam assault of yesterday, Feb. 1, 2005. After the exchange of messages at Coreblog-en, the mailing list, we produced our own python script to be run in Zope (updated with a variable factor), create a script and on the parameter list put spammer=xxx,then the code as follows::

  for i in range(1, 300):     try:        ent = context.get_entry(i)        for com in ent.trackback_list():           if com.title.startswith (spammer):              ent.deleteTrackback(int(              print "deleted %s's comment" % com.title     except:         pass  print "Done."  return printed 

Being this site a community of coreblogs we placed that at the root like and our main blog's evil trackbacks were deleted (as far as you have less than 300 entries...), but it also worked with any blog placed below like or or any other name variable that we may introduce depending on the spammer of the day.

scriptPLACEDhere is just a dummy name. We used another ID for the script.

Ivan Noble and Joxe Aranzabal

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/02/01 12:12

Deeply moved by the story and courage of Ivan Noble. And a striking coincidence: my friend Joxe Aranzabal, also a journalist, began writing in Internet about his newlyfound cancer just two days after Ivan, in september 2002.

Joxe has struggled with the cancer, and has prevailed. He has left a message at Ivan's last post, don't know if the BBC will let it public or not. However, here's what Joxe has written:

On September 11th, 2002, I was found to have a Pholicular Linphoma, a kind of cancer that appears in the blood. A couple of days later, I started writing what was to become a series of articles in, a collective blog with information in Basque language, where I narrated in 17 chapters all the circumstances surrounding my illness. It took a couple of years to get back to work, at Mondragon University. The 22nd of this month I will publish a book (The Doctor Told Me I Had Cancer), a compilation of all the articles written for Sustatu. When we present the book, I will have you in mind. Be strong.

Besides his writings at Joxe has a personal blog now, Faroa, the Lighthouse in Basque.


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