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Planet Express, Python aggregator to create metablogs

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/01/21 13:54

First there was Planet Planet, Python package to aggregate feeds. Now there's Planet Express (just version 0.1 so far), to aggregate feeds and re-load them into a given blog.

In this case, the author, a well known Spanish geek, RVR, has made it so it can feed automatically Typepad blogs. So, you have a metablog there: take feeds from distinct sources, and re-package them as a new site. Working example, Planet Spanglish.

I wonder if it could be adapted to feed a Coreblog, instead of just Typepad blogs... After all, it's made of the same raw material: Python

Basque Squishdot site adapted to feed Technorati with tags

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/01/15 08:27

We have hacked the Squishdot based Basque weblog Sustatu so it now feeds Technorati and its categories appear at blog tags in the tag search application unveiled yesterday.

Results already are visibe, as with this two obvious tags:

Other Basque blogs made with WordPress show up, as well as postings in languages in which musika and kultura mean what you know.

As for The English Cemetery, it's too modified, I'm afraid, for the Coreblog tag hack that we deployed yesterday. I will try with manually entered Technorati tags, as they advise in their website.

So, let's try with

Technorati tag service and COREBlog

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/01/14 12:06

Technorati has released today a very interesting service. They've developed a tag based search application based on Flickr tags, tags and blog post's categories.

Two examples with tags google or basque

More info about Technorati tags

As for Coreblog, a little hack by Erral, that I post here with his permission:

COREBlog doesn't give info about our posts' categories in RDF files, so we need to change some lines of code in 2 files to show our posts in that service.

Let's go to change them ;)

Open rdf10_xml via ZMI:

Find this line:

  ...  <dc:subject />


Delete it and put these lines:

   ...   <dtml-in entry_category_list>     <dc:subject><dtml-var name></dc:subject>   </dtml-in>


Save it!

Now, the second step: open rdf91_xml via ZMI:

Find this line (it's the 3rd one):

  ...  <rss version="0.91">  ... 

And change it:

  ...  <rss version="0.91" xmlns:dc="">  ... 

Then find these lines:

  <dtml-in "rev_day_entry_items(count=top_days)">  <item>

<title><dtml-var title></title> <link><dtml-var blogurl>/<dtml-var id></link> </item> </dtml-in>

And change them:

  <dtml-in "rev_day_entry_items(count=top_days)">  <item>   <title><dtml-var title></title>   <link><dtml-var blogurl>/<dtml-var id></link>

<dtml-in entry_category_list> <dc:subject><dtml-var name></dc:subject> </dtml-in> </item> </dtml-in>

Save it!

Now, we've to configure our COREBlog to ping Technorati each time we publish a post. Go to "Settings" tab, and add at "PING Servers".

This actually works. Erral's blog is in Basque and Spanish and his spanish category/tags already show at Technorati as with ajedrez and varios

Taggle, search engine of the future, will not be a web-crawler

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/01/05 10:05

Brilliant idea: Taggle, an hypothetical search engine of the future, to search into folksonomies.

But Taggle will not work with a traditional webcrawler or robot behind, that's for sure. has a strict robots.txt file forbidding access to robots...

However I do believe that Taggle will exist, based in web services, the APIs of providers, feed aggregation or other non-crawler method.

Happy new year's bug with Coreblog

Luistxo Fernandez 2005/01/02 10:57

The bug I commented the other day, has re-surfaced with the new year. If there's a year "gap" in the archives, a year with no messages in it, the archives module of Coreblog shown at the sidebox will not work. It just happens that if it's a new year, and we haven't posted any entry to our coreblogs, then the bug works, and we are left with no archives apparently.

Look at Trond's "blog." He's been early this year, and his sidebox does hove archives. But Tom Lazar's been lazy this year so far (as of this morning) so his blog shows an empty archive...

Provisional solution: post a message every 1st of January.

But, obviously, this is a bug to solve in the product.

Happy new year to all!


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