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Popularity of Basque blogs in Bloglines: 1-100 proportion

moblog 2004/07/21 09:30

The most popular Bloglines blogs in Basque, Sustatu and Sarean have 28 and 27 subscribers each. I find it amazing that they're in a 1-100 proportion to the most popular in English. Basque is just the language of 0.6 m people, and the number or Basque bloggers is still minimal.

There was a blog out there Analysing Bloglines Subscriber Stats.

Some of the most popular ones, with the most subscribers, Dave Winer: 2652 Mark Pilgrim: 2100 Lawrence Lessig: 2794 Jon Udell: 1619

Recovering content from Yahoogroups and saving it for future use

moblog 2004/07/21 09:30

There's this Mailman-based service of ours called which serves mailing-lists and e-newsletters in Spanish and Basque. We have convinced three veteran basque lists to transfer their lists from Yahoo Groups to the new service. The problem was the big archives left behind: six years, 30,000 messages and over 60 Mb of content, conversations, data, left at the almost unreachable and unsearchable Yahoo Groups archives.

But, well, little by little, we recovered those messages. It's nice to have one's content under control. Bye bye Yahoo. Welcome Mailman and Gmane.

As Gmane offers uploading of old .mbox'es as well as continued archiving of current lists, it was a perfect choice. Parallel archiving with Mailman and Gmane, and searchable all-time archives at Gmane...

Moreover, now each list-owner has its old .mbox under control, and with Mailman/Postaria they are not locked, the new .mbox currently updated daily is accesible so they can migrate again or analyze the content whenever they want.

The 3 basque lists saved by free software:

What happened to these lists with Yahoo worries me regarding other big-storage web services like GMail. They let you store things THERE but, at the end, it is HERE, at your hands (at the hands of the legitimate owner), where you need it.

New complete date formats in the localised version of Coreblog

Luistxo Fernandez 2004/07/14 10:16

Slight update in the CSS/localised version of Coreblog. Now blog entries show the date in a complete format, as in Spanish Miércoles, 23 de Junio de 2004. The same in English or Basque. It's a more proper way to show a date in a localised product, I think. The method lets also full control over the date-string to adapt it to any locale. For instance, in Basque several declension factors depend on the year and element-order is also different: 2004ko ekainaren 23a, asteazkena. Next year, in Basque, the declension to be added to 2005 will not be -ko but -eko, so 2005eko ekainaren..., and next year, in turn... Well, particularities can be odd in every language, but the method can be adapted to whatever you need.

Moreover, a long date string adapts better to the pure CSS design that Jeff Hicks created and we adapted for this localised version.

Links to demos and downloadable files in a previous post


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